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What Is XML Sitemap Generator?

XML Sitemap Generator tool is one of the SEO tools that most people know. The main reason for creating this file is for better indexing of websites. The sitemap is so important for a website. Because Google and other search engine robots visit periodically to websites. Reason for this taking the last updates. The XML sitemap is one of the must-haves, especially on a constantly updated website.

How to Use XML Sitemap Generator?

Generally, XML Sitemap Generator has easy to use. It helps each website to have its unique sitemap file. The Sitemap has an important place according to SEO, it is featured as one of the must-have files on every website. Let’s take a closer look at how to use XML Sitemap Generator.

  • Enter the URL link of your website that starts with http:// and then tick your preferred options on the preference tool.
  • After that, click on "Create Sitemap". After a few seconds, you will be redirected to a newly created XML sitemap file.
  • To download the relevant sitemap file on the page you are directed to, simply click on the "Save as XML file" option. After downloading the sitemap file, it should be installed in the domain root directory.
  • After these processes, the process is completed by opening the Google Webmaster Tool dashboard and adding the sitemap URL.

With the sitemap file uploaded to the domain root directory, search crawlers or robots belonging to search engines can more easily view the structure of websites and index them quite easily. In addition, sitemap files created with XML sitemap generator tools offer to index up to 5000 pages. Therefore, all you must do is enter your website URL and then create a sitemap file by entering the necessary details about your site. After you add this file to your domain root directory, search engine robots will more clearly display all updates on your website.

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