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SEO Analyzing

Get a clear understanding of your current positions and business potential. Know more about your competitors and the most effective promotion strategies.

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Web Analytics explained

Web Analytics is carried out to have a better understanding of your website performance, positions, and new opportunities for the growth. In fact, it is the accurate measurement that shows your site the way to follow.

An effective promotion campaign always starts with a comprehensive analysis of the niche and competitors. This is what NAKLOV will do for you. Our Web Analytics tool allows for the collection of all data needed to develop a tailored plan for the further promotion of your website. With analytical information, you can identify key performance indicators for your site, detect errors that slow down its growth, adopt new options for regional development, and find everything in between that remains essential for formulating the online strategy. Our in-depth research enables you to beat the competition and set clear goals to bring more visitors to your website.

In the simplest terms, Web Analytics by NAKLOV is about exploring all practical means to organize your website so that it meets the needs of your potential customers as well as the requirements of search engines.

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What will you get with our
Web Analytics?

Areas of analysis

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Keywords for your promotion plan

Our analytics includes selecting a range of keywords that are highly relevant to your niche. We analyze a myriad of resources in an online environment to build a semantic kernel for your website. It allows to better understand how to promote and bring organic traffic to your business, be it an online store or a corporate website.

History of position improvements

With our tools, you can keep track of all changes, including website positions and keyword rankings. The NAKLOV’s analytics system makes it easy to monitor your progress and check how your website gets promoted daily. We provide you with the accurate data, allowing you to estimate traffic changes after the launch of your campaign.

Detecting website errors

Just as spelling mistakes make a copy difficult to read, website errors greatly complicate the promotion process. Our system will make a list of all errors that fail to meet SEO requirements and cause ranking problems. Once you get a report, it’s up to you to fix them by yourself or to hire NAKLOV professionals to do that for you.

Comparative competitor analysis

Adequate measurement of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is of utmost importance for creating an excellent strategy. With our analytics service, you can compare your rankings with those of your opponents. Thus, you can make sure your promotion plan is effective enough to beat the competition in your niche.

How it works

Collect information that will come
in useful

Ranking Analytics

When you launch any promotion campaign, it’s of primary importance to check the results on a regular basis. This is the best way to make sure you are progressing sensibly. With this in mind, our analytics tool provides you with a detailed report that shows the growth of your search engine positions and ranking improvements. Thus, you can be aware of the progress of your own key phrases or those selected by us.

Ranking analytics provides

  • full data control;
  • keyword tracking;
  • daily reports;
  • regular position updates;
  • keyword grouping;
  • clear recommendations.
google position checker
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With our analytics system, you will also get a range of filters designed to simplify data management and focus on particular areas of promotion. What is more, every report may be downloaded to your computer in case you want to make a physical presentation. The file also features recommendations on the next steps of your project development and changes that should be applied to bring your website to the Google TOP faster.

If you have any issues with data management, your personal manager is<br> always ready to help!

Competitor Analysis

Being aware of the current and potential competitors in a niche is essential for developing a perfect strategy, regardless of the type of your website. You are more likely to be better off when you know all their strengths and weaknesses. At NAKLOV, we do care about the growth of your website and offer a competitor analysis option. When using our system, you are provided with details on the steps your rivals take in their promotional activities. This will allow you to have a better understanding of how to outperform them and attract customers to your website. Once you determine their marketing techniques, you can start promoting with NAKLOV in a new way so that your site stands out from your rivals.

When making use of our analytics services, you can also see the rankings of your competitors. We provide you with live statistical data, allowing you to compare your search engine positions with those of your opponents.

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Relying on statistics is considered to be one of the most reliable techniques every promotion strategy is based on. To make things clear, our analysis is about:

  • discovering new market opportunities,
  • monitoring the positions of competitors,
  • data accountability,
  • staying informed,
  • comparing rankings,
  • planning your progress.

After a competitor analysis is performed, you will be provided with a detailed report on all positions. This file can be converted to various formats, including PDF and Excel. Be sure you won’t face any problems even if you want to print it out.

Improve the effectiveness of your website

Opt for analytics services with NAKLOV

6 Steps for the effective
analytics campaign

Enter URL

Type the URL of your website into the field to start analyzing rankings and identifying all issues that keep
your progress down.


Pick keywords

It’s up to you to select a group of your own keywords or to use those suggested by the NAKLOV analytics tool.


Monitor progress

We provide you with up-to-date reports on any changes in your search engine rankings daily. You can keep track of your progress whenever you want.


Analyze competitors

Get a deeper insight into how your competitors deal with optimization issues. With our tool, you will get familiar with their rankings and the most common promotion trends in your niche.


Adapt to changes

Make use of obtained data and follow our recommendations to keep your positions high. Fix all errors that have been detected on your website to encourage progress.


Get professional assistance

With NAKLOV, you get a personal manager for your project. Our specialist will keep you informed of your position changes and new optimization requirements.


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