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Corporate SEO: The key element of your promotional strategy

An automatic solution that brings organic traffic to your website. Save your time while making the way to the Google TOP!

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Ins and outs of Corporate SEO

With the advent of new search engine optimization techniques, it may be quite challenging now to find the optimal one for your website. It is Corporate SEO that remains the most versatile solution for dealing with online visibility and sales growth issues.

To put it simply, Corporate SEO is an online marketing strategy implemented to boost search engine rankings of the whole website or some of its pages. As this service doesn’t require manual handling, it is known to save your time and reduce your expenses. With automatic optimization services offered by NAKLOV, you will be able to enhance your website visibility in Google with minimal effort. To make it happen, we implement only white hat promotional techniques that comply with the latest requirements in the SEO field. Our technological capabilities allow us to build a top-quality backlinks and track your progress at any point.

NAKLOV provides you with all the means needed to control your promotional campaign easily. When launching the Corporate SEO optimization project, you will get direct access to reports, statistics, and other data on your ranking improvements.

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Main features of Corporate SEO

automatic search engine optimization

Adequate website optimization

Knowing what exactly needs to be fixed is a cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign. At NAKLOV, we start with carrying out research and making a report on all errors your website has. Thus, you will know what measures should be taken to make sure it meets the requirements of search engines fully.

Gradual increase in visibility

Our SEO engineers will select keywords depending on the needs of your customers. When a semantic kernel is built professionally, a website is more likely to rank higher so that an increasing number of people can see it. With this in mind, we will pick relevant keywords and place high-quality links to bring you to the TOP.

More organic traffic

An Corporate SEO promotion plan is aimed at connecting your online business with your potential customers. Largely owing to the improved visibility and optimization, we will turn your website into a welcoming place for visitors. Keep in mind that the increased organic traffic results in sales growth and greater profits.

Ability to monitor changes

With our team on your side, you will be informed about all ranking improvements regularly. In case you have any suggestions, you will be able to contact your personal manager. This specialist is responsible for checking the progress of your digital marketing campaign and answering your questions.

Our packages

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Short-Term Package

Short-term Corporate SEO is the best option for those who are willing to get familiar with all stages of search engine optimization. It is a cost-effective way to add to your presence in an online environment and open up new opportunities for your business promotion. With a short-term package, you are not supposed to make considerable investments to achieve the results. Its main aim is to show you the potential for growth.

Features of a short-term package:

  • initial keyword selection;
  • website analysis;
  • link building campaign;
  • updates of positions;
  • brief reports;
  • customer support.
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Corporate SEO packages

At NAKLOV, we offer a short-term package that puts all the benefits of search engine optimization together. On average, this service is reported to enhance website visibility by 15% while showing it the way for further promotion. It allows you to experience the power of niche-related link building and the professionally created semantic kernel with minimal efforts involved. Besides, you will get recommendations on meeting the latest SEO requirements.

Make the first move to better visibility in Google! Let our short-term package show you the way!

Long-Term Package

Once you get a better understanding of how it works, long-term Corporate SEO will be the next step of your marketing plan. This package provides you with full control over your search engine optimization and includes advanced promotion techniques. Apart from comprehensive reports, you will get many other means which help your website show up on the first page of Google faster. What is more, long-term Corporate SEO is about developing a new plan based on the results your site has already achieved. It allows for getting a full picture of your promotional campaign while strengthening the most vulnerable areas. Our long-term package focuses on the considerable growth of organic traffic using the next-level methods.

Although the lion’s share of the work remains automatic, long-term Corporate SEO includes website research which is conducted manually. It enables us to get a deeper insight into the site structure and detect all the errors within it.

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When you opt for the long-term package offered by NAKLOV, you can be sure to achieve the desired results faster. We’ll bring them to you with the help of:

  • more extensive list of keywords,
  • advanced link building campaign,
  • manual website analysis,
  • in-depth reports,
  • implementation of recommendations,
  • personal manager assistance.

NAKLOV is committed to optimizing your site using the best niche-related links available in our partner network. This is our way of getting impressive success rates, generating organic traffic, and improving website visibility by more than 60%.

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6 Steps of the Corporate SEO campaign

Comprehensive Analysis

When you start Corporate SEO, our specialists will perform an analysis of your website to detect all the errors that should be fixed.


Semantic Kernel

Our SEO team will create a semantic kernel for your website. It consists of the relevant keywords which are essential for the organic traffic flow.


Link Building

We will add scores of top-quality links to your website, including anchor and branded ones. At NAKLOV, we put a premium on trusted web resources.


Correction of Errors

After you get a report with a list of errors that keep your rankings low, you can either fix them by yourself or count on our specialists. Correction of all errors is a must for a successful Corporate SEO campaign.


Analytical Reports

Monitoring changes and rankings is also a part of automatic optimization. We’ll provide you with daily reports so that you can check the progress at your convenience.


Professional Assistance

Your personal manager will be available to you during all stages of the Corporate SEO campaign. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, the NAKLOV expert will help.


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