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Tell your story with
an explainer video

The best way to connect with your customers and bring them to your website. Get a video that boosts sales and improves your visibility in an online environment.

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What is an explainervideo?

An explainer video is an effective marketing tool that opens the door to a myriad of new opportunities for your promotional campaign. Its main aim is to establish an initial connection with your potential customers and provide them with useful information on your activity.

If you are looking for the fascinating way to make a memorable company presentation, an explainer video will be the very thing. This solution is mainly used to make things clear when it comes to defining your products and services. With the help of eye-pleasing visuals, pleasant sounds, and concise language, such a video describes what your company offers in an engaging manner. Also, it is often used to tell the story of your brand and answer the questions your customers might have. With this marketing tool, you can introduce your company to the market and deliver a positive message to your target audience.

Apart from its informational and educational uses, an explainer video plays a pivotal role in boosting your sales and building credibility. All in all, it’s the most practical option for helping your visitors and encouraging them to rely on your company.

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What exactly an explainer
video provides

NAKLOV will do that for you

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Better brand awareness

Making an explainer video is all about creativity. This means we can use your brand colors, images, and other features so that your website visitors know more about your company. What is more, we can add animated characters your target audience is already familiar with. This will help to build trust when describing your products and services.

Greater website visibility

An explainer video adds to your rankings. To make things clear, websites with visual content are greatly appreciated by search engines. The longer your visitors stay on your website, the higher chances you have to reach the Google TOP. It’s an engaging video that grabs your customers’ attention and encourages them to spend more time on your site.

Improved conversion rates

Visual content is reported to boost conversion rates. With a catchy video, you can make your visitors more interested in what your company offers. Adding a touch of fun also proves to be effective for this purpose. At NAKLOV, we focus on your target audience and use a straightforward manner of narration to improve your conversion rates.

Increased sales

Attracting paying customers is the primary task of any business. It’s a professionally made explainer video that allows for setting a personal connection with potential buyers and turning the decision-making process into the easy one. After getting familiar with your company through the visual content, visitors are more likely to make a purchase and use your services.

Available options

Choose the one that will work for
your company

Template Video

Whether it’s for telling the story of your company or describing the range of products you offer, the visual content is exactly what your website needs. At NAKLOV, we are always ready to make a memorable explainer video for your site using one of our templates. It is considered to be the most budget-friendly and time-saving option as it usually takes a couple of days to create and deliver the video.

Template video features:

  • brand logo;
  • product details;
  • company images;
  • straightforward narrative;
  • music and sound effects;
  • professional voice-over.
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The duration of a template video is up to one minute, making it the best option for sharing on social media. It allows you to open up new channels of attracting customers. With this in mind, our production team creates the visual content that is simple, clear, and easily remembered. At NAKLOV, we are capable of boosting the user experience on your site while focusing on your needs and making the video as quickly as possible.

Get a video that tells your story and engages with your target audience!

Custom Video

For those who are looking for the exclusive visual content, the NAKLOV production team has something special to offer. We have everything it takes to create the video tailored to your brand, products, or services. If you have any ideas of how to construct a narrative in an intriguing way, be sure we’ll put all of them into action. With the professionally made custom video, you can focus on your target audience directly and make sure the connection with your website visitors is established more firmly. We’ll write the original script, create the unique design, and add as many animated characters as you want. This will help to make an excellent presentation of your company and build trust with your visitors.

A custom video is a unique marketing tool used to bring your business activity to the next level. It may include everything from textual information to logos, images, brand colors, and any other distinctive features of your company.

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When creating visual content with the NAKLOV production team, there’s always a room for creativity. Thus, it’s up to you to choose:

  • unique animation and design style,
  • voice-over by a professional artist,
  • original music,
  • impressive sound effects,
  • shooting objects and locations,
  • any duration option.

At NAKLOV, we put a premium on timing and make your custom video before the deadline comes. However, the delivery time highly depends on the features you want to include. As a rule, it takes several weeks to create your video.

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6 Steps to make an explainer video

Information and Research

At first, you provide us with all details that should be included in your video. This will help us to find the most optimal way of presentation.


Selecting a Template

In case you go for a template option, you will be asked to choose the pattern from those available in our range.


Picking a Style

The narrative style is of crucial importance when making an explainer video. We will find the one that best suits your brand and image.


Writing a Script

Our specialists will write a script for your video using the information you’ve provided us with. Then we will present a storyboard so that you understand how the visual content will look like.


Adding Effects

To make your explainer video even more engaging, we will add a voice-over. As an option, you can also choose some sound effects and animation features.


Making a sequence

With all your requirements in mind, we create visual sequences. After that, we put all of them together and make sure your explainer video may be easily downloaded.


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