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seo analiz


We have different strategies and therefore different pricing for each SEO and internet project. You can contact us to get a special price for your website.

Discover the benefits of online promotion with Corporate SEO

Try Corporate SEO for only 400$ per 1st month!

  • Keywords research
  • Website analysis
  • Link building
corporate seo packages price

Reach your marketing potential and boost conversions by promoting your business on Google. If you are unfamiliar with search engine
optimization, and you want to find out how effective it is, then Corporate SEO campaign is what you need.
Try it today and watch your business grow.

1 year

  • 3840$
  • 20% OFF
affordable Corporate SEO packages

Regular price


6 months

  • 2160$
  • 10% OFF

Regular price


3 months

  • 1140$
  • 5% OFF

Regular price


1 month

  • 400$
  • No discount

Regular price


What Corporate SEO includes:

  • Selection of the most relevant keywords (from the 1st month),
  • Website analysis (from the 1st month),
  • Manual audit (after the 1st month),
  • Link building on the niche-related websites that NAKLOV partners with,
  • Daily website rankings update (from the 1st month),
  • Customer support (from the first month).
Corporate SEO packages cost
Corporate SEO packages price

What will you get with Corporate SEO

  • Improved visibility of your website in Google via traffic generating keywords.
  • Removal of errors to make your website Google-friendly and compliant with common SEO practice.
  • New website visitors as a result of improved visibility and site performance.

Still hesitate and have questions?
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Take an analytical look at your website & identify new opportunities for its promotion!

NAKLOV analytics services enable you to manage your promotional campaign more effectively.
Get the accurate data on your website performance, SEO errors, and rankings.
Let’s find out what stands in the way of your progress!

digital marketing services pricing


  • Site Acceleration
  • Meta Tag and Structural Data Optimization
  • Copy Text and Content Quality Control
  • SEO tag layout analysis
  • Registration to search engines and fixing coverage issues
  • Keyword suggestions


  • Everything in the standard package
  • +10 SEO compatible content writing
  • 1 year position history
  • SEO tag layout analysis
  • Registration to search engines and fixing coverage issues
  • Keyword suggestions


online marketing services cost
  • Everything in the professional package
  • +20 SEO compatible content writing
  • Hosting Optimization
  • Ad Optimization
  • Business Development

What does our analytics have to offer?

NAKLOV analytics is not only about checking your website performance.
The service also includes:

  • keyword tracking;
  • ranking updates;
  • SEO errors detection;
  • competitor and market analysis;
  • comprehensive reports and detailed recommendations.
cost for seo services

When running an optimization campaign, it’s of primary importance to keep track of all the data regarding its stages. With our analytics services, you will be able to stay informed on any website improvements and changes in its rankings. Whichever package you choose, NAKLOV will help you manage your progress and identify the ideal marketing strategy for your online business.

Accurate analytics is the key to success!

Talk to our analytics specialist if you
have any questions

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ProSEO: your secret weapon to competing on the web

With our ProSEO campaign, you will be able to bring your website to the Google TOP search results and multiply impact to your target audience. SEO works like a prospect magnet that can attract prospective customers to your website through various SEO techniques and direct them towards solutions that you offer.

Our SEO specialists will daily work hard to support you and make your business successful.

professional seo pachages pricing

What ProSEO includes

Local SEO

  • City wide promotion
  • Up to 100 keywords in Google TOP 10
  • Fixing of website errors
  • Internal SEO optimization
  • Effective link building campaign
  • Promotion of 1-2 website pages

National SEO

  • National wide promotion
  • Up to 100 keywords in Google TOP 10
  • Fixing of website errors
  • Internal SEO optimization
  • Effective link building campaign
  • Promotion of 1-2 website pages

Worldwide SEO

seo service pricing
  • Global promotion
  • Up to 100 keywords in Google TOP 10
  • Fixing of website errors
  • Internal SEO optimization
  • Effective link building campaign
  • Promotion of 1-2 website pages

Why your website needs ProSEO

The main objective of ProSEO is to make your website Google-friendly, draw organic traffic to it, and get rid of the obstacles standing in its way to Google TOP. Here is what we will do within your ProSEO plan:

  • We will fix your website meta tags based on the keywords chosen for promotion.
  • By correcting HTML code on your website, we will improve your site performance. Thus, it will get optimized.
  • We will create optimized content for your website pages and remove 400 errors and broken links.
  • To increase your website visibility on Google, we will create the most relevant robots.txt and htaccess files.
  • Our experts will analyze and create a niche-related link juice as well as remove bad and unnatural links to help you site achieve Google TOP positions.
  • We will create a sitemap to improve your website indexation and place social media buttons to bring more traffic.

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Create a website that will take your
business to the TOP

Your marketing campaign can be brilliant but if your website has an outdated design, irrelevant content and poor performance, you won’t see any real results.
NAKLOV team can redesign your current website or develop a new one from scratch to help you drive more sales and revenue!

web development services cost


website redesign cost
  • Creating modern web design
  • Developing a custom theme and logo
  • Adding new site elements according to your needs
  • Adding CTAs, graphic elements, buttons

Web development

web development services prices
  • Creating modern web design
  • Developing a custom theme and logo
  • Adding new site elements according to your needs
  • Adding CTAs, graphic elements, buttons
  • Developing page structure
  • Providing your website with hosting
  • Building a responsive website design compatible with mobile devices
  • Adding a comprehensible CMS
  • Optimizing your website

Why do you need
NAKLOV web development services

Modern-day consumers don’t like wasting time which is why they prefer to do everything on the Internet and on the go. But simply going online is not enough for your business to prosper. It is creating a user-friendly website with an appealing, responsive design that give you an edge over competitors.

NAKLOV team knows how to stop your customers from clicking the “Close” button!
Here is how your business will benefit from our professional services:

  • Increased website performance
  • Improved CTR
  • Boost in sales and revenue
  • Brand promotion
  • Improved Google ranking
web design services cost

There is no better time than now to take the first step
on your journey to success!

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Boost sales and spread the word about your business using NAKLOV email marketing

Despite all the hype, email marketing is three times more effective than social media promotion. Our devoted team of specialists is ready to devise a brilliant campaign strategy, create an eye-catching design and unique content that will drive your sales and revenue!

cost of digital marketing services in Turkey

Email marketing services

  • Creating an appealing and responsive email design
  • Developing unique content including special offers and seasonal deals
  • Handling your email database
  • Removing your email from blacklists
  • Developing strategy to avoid spam traps
  • Regular analysis of your CTR and ROI

Discover the most cost-effective way to promote
your brand and drive sales

The development of multiple social media channels may have pushed electronic mail to the side. But it is not going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, email marketing still holds the highest ROI record - 122%!
Which is far more than Twitter and Facebook can boast.
If you still don’t utilize email, you are surely missing out!

cost of digital marketing services in Turkey

Hire NAKLOV specialists and take advantage of one of the oldest marketing strategies that has stood the test of time. Here is how your business can benefit from email marketing:

  • It is cost-effective
  • It helps you drive sales and revenue
  • It promotes your services
  • It helps build up your brand
  • It is easy to launch

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Your brand has a unique story
Let us help you tell it to the world!

There is no better way to explain the benefits of your product than to provide powerful visual content for your potential customers. We know how to capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to buy in a matter of seconds!

cost of video development for a website

Template Video

video development services pricing

You will get a high-quality explainer video
based on one of our templates.
The package includes:

  • Textual info about your product
  • Brand logo, screenshots and product images
  • Original music track
  • Optional voice-over and sound effects
  • Video duration: 30-60 sec
  • Video delivery: 1-3 days

Custom Video

custom video development services cost

You will get an exclusive explainer video
custom-made especially for you.
The package includes:

  • Original script that will present your product in a creative and intriguing way.
  • Design and animation tailored to your brand, service or product on the basis of your chosen explainer video style.
  • A professional studio-recorded voice-over to make your video creative, captivating, and more comprehensible. We cast the narrator in compliance with the individual concept of your video, which is based on such characteristics as: sex, age and native language.
    • Sound effects and music to make your video exclusive, impressive and memorable.
    • Shooting the presentation object, locations and preliminary casted actors if necessary.
    • Video Duration: from 30 sec
    • Video Delivery: 2-6 weeks

How explainer video can
encourage customers
to take action

Video marketing is more trending than ever! Visual content is the new go-to when it comes to engaging your customers and persuading them to buy a certain product. A 30-second video is worth a thousand words, and it is a fact that visual content is more comprehensible than textual. Do you want to see real results?

Create an explainer video for your brand and watch your sales go up!

Here is how explainer video can benefit your business:

  • It is cost-effective
  • It is accessible
  • It is easily shareable
  • It sets you apart from competitors
  • It increases conversion rates and boosts your sales
  • It improves your website’s ranking
video development services cost

Don’t know where to start?
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Lights, camera, action!

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