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What Is Online Ping Website Tool?

Ping website tool helps to fast ping new contents that are entered to websites with its online version. Newly publishes content is quickly indexed in search engines by this tool. To use these tools online you just must enter the website URL to the domain name box and click the “Send” button. You only need to wait 1 minute during this process. It takes at least 1 minute for new content to be indexed.

How to Use Ping Website Tool?

Generally, newly published contents on a website need time to be detected by search engines. Because bots of search engines visit websites at least one or a few times. In such a case, it would be a waste of time for search engines to be aware of newly entered content. But it is possible to notify about new content to search engines in a very short time with an online ping website tool. So, how to use the online site ping tool to quickly index new content in search engines? Let's take a closer look.

  • First, the website's URL is entered into the domain name box of the ping website tool.
  • After this, the website’s name is written in the second box.
  • In the third box, the link of the newly published content on the website is entered. For example,
  • In the last box on the ping website tool, RSS feed URL is entered. After that, click the “Send” button and wait for approximately 60 seconds.

Ping website tools generally serve online and thus allow all website users to index their sites faster in search engines. In fact, these tools are used regularly after each new content and take an important place in indexing websites easily and quickly. Especially after each new content, several website owners send the new content published information to search engines with ping website tools.

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