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Google Cache Checker

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What Is Google Cache Checker?

Google cache checker is used to check whether Google scans websites. Google cache checker, which is a free service that does not require registration, also checks whether Google exists on the website. Generally, when Google came to the Spider website created a photograph for each website and then, backups this photograph. Thus, when a user searches on Google and searches for a keyword on the website, it is checked whether there is a match with the keyword in one of the backed-up photos. In addition, each search result contains a link to a previously cached version of the website. As a result, even if Google is not active on the website, users who visit the website are directed to cached pages called cache.

How to Use Google Cache Checker?

Google cache checker is easy to use. Cache service, which is presented by Google is beneficial especially when the website is temporarily closed for technical or different reasons. However, it is useful to provide the necessary controls from the Google cache checker tool to find out whether this feature is active. Let’s take a closer look at how to use Google cache checker.

  • First of all, the relevant website’s domain name is entered into the link area located in the Google cache checker.
  • After the link is entered, the “Query” or “Submit” button is clicked.
  • Also, it is possible to enter more than 20 domain names to link the input field.
  • After clicking the query button, the results are shown in a few seconds. The results include the time and date of the last version of the website cached by Google.

As a result of the query, if the website is temporarily closed for any reason, the last version cached by Google will appear in front of the visitors. In this way, users can reach the information they are looking for even if every main site they want is closed. This is also an advantageous process for websites.

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