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What Is URL Rewriting Tool?

URL rewriting tool has easy use. It helps change the URL structure of the content published from websites and to make it SEO compatible. Any content created and broadcast on websites has a URL structure and there are known two URL structures. One of them is a static URL and the other is a dynamic URL. If you ask which URL structure is compatible with SEO, the answer is static URL.

The Difference Between Static URL and Dynamic URL

Any content prepared for publishing on websites has a URL structure. This structure sometimes appears as a static URL and sometimes as a dynamic URL structure. But there are some differences between the two URL structures. Now, explain these differences with examples.

Static URL

When the URL structure created for content prepared on websites is “ / my-first-page”, it gains the static URL structure.

Dynamic URL

However, the URL structure of a prepared content is like when is a complex URL like “ =89&id=5”, it is called a dynamic URL. URL rewriting tool makes complex URL structures more organized, that is static URLs. Static URL structures make easier jobs for users, and they have some advantages. These are some advantages of static URLs:

  • Static URLs are more memorable and users who have visited the page once can easily find and visit the same page again.
  • In addition, the use of relevant keywords in the static URL makes it easier to rank higher in the Google search engine.
  • In addition, in the search results, Google displays the search words on the URL in bold font.
  • Also, search engines index new content faster.

It is possible to convert to static URL structure all website contents with a URL rewriting tool and get all advantages. You can use this tool at any time to make your content an SEO-compatible URL structure.

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