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URL Encoder / Decoder

Enter the text that you wish to encode or decode:

What Is URL Encoder / Decoder?

URL encoder/ decoder is a tool presented free and helps you do different operations on URLs. It enables fast and reliable transactions. Also, it is user friendly tool. In addition, it is effective in coding the information or in the analysis of the encoded information. In other words, the URL encoder/ decoder tool is a bidirectional service.

How to Use URL Encoder/ Decoder Tool?

ASCII characters are sometimes included in the URL structure of websites. The process of making these characters more understandable by users is defined as URL decoding. On the contrary, encoding an understandable URL structure is also called URL encode. Website owners need both operations from time to time. URL encoder decoder tool is used with these steps:

  • In the use of URL Encoder / Decoder tool, firstly the text to be encoded or decoded is entered in the relevant field.
  • After that, the code (decode) or decode (encode) button is pressed.
  • After this operation, the URL structure to be created is brought to the desired format.

Decode or encode operations are generally carried out depending on what kind of URL structure website owners want to have. In addition, with the URL Encoder / Decoder tool, it is possible to correct any text or code that is encoded in a different type. It is also possible to say that this tool is often used when browser data is wanted to be sent to a web server. Even though the data in the address bar of web browsers and to be sent does not contain any address, that is, it contains characters such as &, ?, =, / and : or the % character which is very frequently used in encoding and a character that is not found in the ASCII table. characters, it becomes mandatory to be encoded with URL Encode. In this way, it is ensured that the data to be sent is converted into an understandable format from the other party. The URL decode operation ensures that the encoded data is returned to its original state.

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