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Server Status Checker

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

What Is Server Status Checker?

A site open or closed control tool is also known as a server status control tool. Whether the service of the websites is online or offline check is made with this tool. Especially, many webmasters frequently check the server status of their websites with this tool. This also helps to keep the website alive and for visitors to reach the site at any time. Server status check is also important for search engines. Visitor traffic is damaged on websites that are offline at certain intervals, and this also causes regression in search result.

How to Use Server Status Check Tool?

Generally, the server status checker tool is easy to use. It occurs by entering the URL address of the website to be checked into the relevant field. Now, how to use the server status check tool, let’s take a closer look.

  • First, the address of the website to be checked is entered into the URL field on the server status check. Up to 100 website URLs can optionally be entered in this field.
  • It is enough to “Submit” or “Check” button after the enter URL address.
  • In a few seconds, results are shown and there are some details in these results. The title details among the results shown are as follows:
      • URLs
      • HTTP Code
      • Reaction Time
      • Status

In these headings:

URLs: Domain name of the entered web page

HTTP Code: Standard protocol

Response time: How long does the website take to open or reacted

Status: Indicates whether the website is online or offline.

Checking the status of websites by using the site open or closed control tool at certain time intervals also has an important place in terms of SEO. The fact that the website traffic is not damaged and that the visitors reach the relevant website at any time comes to the forefront as one of the issues that search engines such as Google care about.

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