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What Is My IP Address?

Finding a locating from an IP address is one of the most frequently asked questions in the internet world. Each computer has its unique IP address. Also, an IP address allows a device that uses the Internet to communicate in any computer network to distinguish it from other devices. In other words, it is possible to characterize these addresses as identifying numbers. In a simpler way, IP is definable as a first identity number of devices.

How to Find Location from an IP Address?

With any IP address, it is possible to find the location of the device connected to that IP address. Location query via IP address cannot give the net location sometimes but an approximate location can be found. It is possible to say that the accuracy rate in locating is around 70 percent. To explain this situation more clearly; The information you come across when you try to find a location using an IP address does not give the full address information of the IP address. However, city and country information where the IP address is located comes to the fore. Even county information can be seen. But these results are not valid all the time. It varies according to the queried IP address. On the other hand, during the location query from the IP address, the location information can be accessed by typing the domain name in the field where the IP address is written. What you need to do for this is to write the domain name of any website in the box where you write the IP address. In this way, it is often possible to obtain the approximate location of the domain address.

Domain Find

It is also possible to find the IP addresses of websites with the domain location search query. The domain is translated as an area name in Turkish. In other words, the full name of a website is referred to as the domain name (area name). It is possible to find a location through the domain in this way. For example, you have a website is named “ “. Type this in the domain name box in the domain inquiry interface. In a few seconds, you can find the location connected to the domain, and in this way, you can see exactly where the domain you own is located in the world and in the country you live in.

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