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What Is Link Price Calculator?

The link price calculator shows that every website has a value. The value of a website is calculated according to various criteria. These criteria give an idea about the calculation of the website’s approximate value. In addition to the buyers, the site value price calculator is in a very important position for the people or institutions that will advertise on the website. Because the value of each ad is directly proportional to the value of the site's value No webmaster wants to receive cheap advertisements on his high-value site.

How to Use Link Price Calculator Tool?

The use of the link price calculator tool is easy. What needs to be done for this is to write the domain address of the website whose value will be calculated in the domain name box on the calculation tool, and then click the "Query" button. After this, the website’s approximate value is calculated in a few seconds. Also, it is possible to calculate the value of more than one website at the same time on this tool.

Criteria of Link Price Calculator

We mentioned earlier that there are various criteria for calculating the site value. The site value calculator also makes a calculation based on these criteria. These criteria are generally as follows:

  • Ranking of the website
  • Age of the site
  • The reputation of the website
  • Hit rate
  • Number of contents
  • Quality and original content

Such factors are generally taken into account when calculating the value of a website. Also, the hit rate is important. In website shopping, the number of unique hits is examined in detail, and pricing is made accordingly. Because organic and unique hits are in a very important position in terms of the Google search engine. Especially, organic hit reveals the value of a website significantly. The site link price calculator tool also generates a price in line with the criteria we have mentioned above. However, it is necessary to contact the website owner for the exact price.

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