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What Is Keyword Density Checker?

Keyword density checker is one of the SEO tools that are offered for free and do not require any membership. This tool shows the keyword density that is in websites, and it offers a detailed report of the query result. Thanks to this report, you can see how many times you use keywords on your website and their rates. Because the content that is on your website should be rich from the keyword angle. For example, you want to write content about the “Tips for The Broccoli Diet” and one of your keywords is “broccoli diet and how to do broccoli diet”. If these keywords are not heavily used in your article, it will not be possible to get quality content.

How to Use Keyword Density Checker?

The keyword density tool is very easy to use. Using the tool starts with the writing domain. After this, it is enough to click the “submit” button. The keyword density related to the website in is reported in a few seconds. Details of this report include:

  • Keywords
  • Number of keywords
  • Percentage of keywords

As a result of the query, the numbers, and ratios of keywords on the website can be learned. The report on the result of the query allows for examining the keywords of the relevant website at the same time. For example, the fact that “hybrid cars” is the most common keyword in a domain address such as indicates that a correct study has not been carried out. Because the keyword density of the website that has this domain should be about household appliances. The keyword density tool allows website owners to fix existing problems in such cases. More precisely, it is recommended that website owners use the keyword density tool at certain time intervals and make the necessary arrangements on their websites accordingly. Otherwise, the shift of keyword density to irrelevant words will shift the website in a negative direction on search engines.

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