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What Is Google Malware Checker?

Google Website Malware Checker checks if a site link is secure. When a website is desired to be visited, security information about the site can be controlled to find out if it is safe. Also, when visiting the any website Google warns users if safe or secret visit does not occur. Thus, users are protected against situations that pose a security risk while visiting a website.

How Does Occur Google Website Malware Check?

Google website malware check occurs with a Chrome web browser that is Google’s product. When websites are visited, Chrome browser warns users against dangerous situations and this way it helps them to provide a secure connection. Now, let’s take a closer look website malware checker by Google Chrome.

  • First, open a page on Chrome browser.
  • Check the security status on the left side of the website you have opened in the web browser.
    • güvenli This security status means safe.
    • güvenli değil Informational or means not secure.
    • tehlikeli Described as not safe or dangerous.
  • It is enough to click on these icons to see the permissions and details about the visited website. Also, clicking the icons will show the privacy summary that Chrome has detected.

What Do Safety Symbols Mean?

Let’s take a closer look at the symbols we have explained above in the Google website malware check and take a closer look at what exactly these symbol mean.

  • güvenliSafety

Displaying the secure icon on the left side of the visited website indicates that the information sent or received through the site remains confidential. Even if this icon is displayed, care shoukd be taken when sharing confidential information.

    güvenli değil Informational or Not Safe

It indicates the website does not use a secret connection. Other users can see the information sent or received through the site.

    tehlikeli Not Safe or Dangerous

It is recommended not to enter confidential information on websites with this symbol. In fact, it is always beneficial not to use such sites when possible.

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