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What Is Domain Age Checker?

You can check the domain age of any website with a domain age checker. This domain age checker tool is presented for free, and its use is easy. If you want to learn the domain age of a website that you wonder it, you can use the domain age checker when you want.

How To Do Domain Age Check?

The domain age checker tool shows how many years a website has been active. This calculation is made from the date the website is included in the publication life. In other words, during the domain name purchase, the calculation is made from the first date the domain name is registered. In addition, the result of the calculation is reflected as the year and day. For example, the age of a website whose domain age is queried maybe 5 years or 24 days.

Use of the domain age checker is easy. To calculate the age of any website, all you need to do is type the full address of the website in the URL or domain name box. After this, click the “Find Domain Age or Check” button and you will get the domain age after a few seconds. Also, some query tools include information such as:

  • Domain creation date
  • Domain update date
  • Domain expiry date

In this way, it is possible to obtain more information about the website. In some query results, the domain expiry date may not appear. This may be due to the domain name owner wanting to keep the expiry date hidden.

Why Do Domain Age Check?

Although domain age query is often seen as a curiosity, it is sometimes possible to use it for different purposes. One of them is that domain investors first want to learn the age of the domain when they want to buy a domain. In addition, another purpose of learning the domain age is to search for a different website, that is, for the analysis of a competitor or the purpose of advertising. Because in general, the age of the domain comes to the fore when choosing between shares that are very close to each other in terms of quality and performance.

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