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What Is Broken Links Finder?

A broken link checker is a tool, which is presented free and reveals unnoticed or unknown broken links on websites. If there is a broken link on a website, errors like “404 error page” are received when you want to enter the link. This situation is negatively received by visitors and the website’s image on search engines. Of course, there are several reasons why broken links occur, and ignoring some situations will result in many broken links on websites. These are the main reason in broken link occurs:

  • The permalink of the target website may have been changed.
  • If the target website becomes unavailable after a while, it also causes a broken link.
  • Deleting the target website will likewise reveal a broken link.

How to Use Broken Link Checker

The broken link checker is easy to use. It will be enough to write the domain address of the website for which a broken link will be detected in the box that says the domain name on the vehicle and then clicks the “Check” button. During the query process, all pages of the relevant website are scanned and if a broken link is detected, it will be shown in the results.

Importance of Broken Links For SEO

Broken links on the website seriously negatively affect the user’s experience. But it is not only that, it also negatively affects the site’s SEO as well as rankings in searches. When visitors encounter a broken link, it causes them to exit the website in a short time. In this case, the rate of time spent on your site decreases and a negative situation arises in terms of SEO. Of course, visitors who encounter a broken link at the same time may not visit the relevant website again. Decreases occur in the number of visitors every day and this situation causes the website’s hit to drop. On the other hand, broken links create undesirable results by creating a website image that is sloppy and lacks quality information.

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