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What Is Blacklist Lookup?

Blacklist lookup tool is a service that checks whether websites are banned on Google. Sometimes Google bans sites that Google deems harmful and it does not show is research results. This results in a significant drop in site traffic. In fact, the number of visitors to a banned web page decreases rapidly and the number of hits is definitely not overlooked on a site that is constantly followed. Here, with the blacklist lookup tool, it is possible to understand that websites are blocked or banned on Google.

How to Use Blacklist Lookup?

Blacklist lookup tool is easy to use. It is sufficient to write the domain address of the relevant website in the box that writes the domain name in the interface of the tool. After entering the domain address and clicking the "Query" button, the result is displayed shortly after and information about whether the site is banned or not.

What Are the Reasons for Google Domain Ban?

Google search engine has developed various policies in order to provide the best service to its users around the world. In the light of these policies, it invites websites to comply with the rules it has announced. However, if it is not complied with, it will ban that website and impose restrictions in many different areas, including search results. In the face of such a situation, websites are negatively affected, and visitor numbers are started decrease. So, what are the reasons for Google domain ban? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Sharing copy or copyrighted content.
  • Producing or hosting content that does not comply with Google policies.
  • Not being able to access the website for a long time.
  • Having spam words in the content.
  • Having codes or code snippets containing malicious software.

Each of these is among the reasons why Google bans websites. For this reason, content production and publication are in an important position in order to avoid negative situations such as bans. Website owners who have any doubts about this issue or who want to check their websites at regular intervals can be informed about the latest status of their sites with the site ban control tool.

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