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What Is Backlink Checker?

Backlink checker is a very useful software that is offered for free and is among the SEO tools. Checking any website and taking a backlink report in a short time is possible with this tool. It is a fast tool. It is possible to scan all websites with this tool and see how many backlinks are created.

What Is the Backlink?

The backlink is with its most basic definition a website has a link to another website. For original content on any website, a link assignment given to this content on a different website is considered a backlink. This way, links spanning different sites are welcomed positively by Google, and the value of the website increases. The more these links are, the more the relevant website may be classified as an authoritative site by Google. It should also be noted that the more quality and backlinks the original content on a website gets the website getting more valuable.

Use of Backlink Checker Tool

The use of the backlink checker is so easy. It is possible to do backlink control in a short time by entering the related website's URL into the box that is written domain name. The backlink checker tool that is free software is using anytime without a membership. The tool offers a detailed report about backlinks a few seconds after entering the URL and this way which sites are checked for backlinks is determined easily.

Benefits of Backlink Checker Tool

It is possible to have knowledge of various subjects and act against undesirable situations. It is one of the main benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the backlink checker tool.

  • It reports how many backlinks are on which site.
  • It finds out backlinks that are given to spam or adult websites and it provides taking precautions for these.
  • It helps increase the number of backlinks.
  • Also, it allows checking whether the relevant link has been added to the site to which the backlink is given.

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